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Chmura Economics & Analytics provides applied economic consulting, quantitative research, and software solutions requiring the integration of advanced economic analysis. Chmura publishes Virginia Economic Trends, electronic publications, and forecasts. Software products include JOBSeq®, WIBeq®, and OnStage.

Chmura has the skill and experience to turn data into information, supporting confident decisions and the realization of bold goals. Products are customized to meet the particular needs of our clients. Chmura Economics & Analytics is committed to delivering our clients with innovative and creative results while simultaneously achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

How Long Will It Take to Get Back to the Pre-Recession Employment Peak?

How Long will it Take to Get Back to the Pre-Recession Employment Peak

It will take 15 months—one-and-a-quarter years—for national employment to reach the pre-recession peak, if the nation continues to add an average of 173,000 jobs per month as it has in the last twelve months. (Actual data as of April 2013.)

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The probability of recession is less than 5% through the April 2014. A 50% probability has been associated with a recession in the past.

The Chmura Recession Probability Index is currently 1%

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